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What Is Beej Mantra ?

TantraBeej Mantras are integral part of core Tantra. As per encient science the real power resides into the sound, like the word OHM ( ॐ ) generates a sound which contains every possible sound frequency in it. Hence this is considered as most powerful mantra. Now as everypower has a source these sounds has one, Beej ( Seeds ), A beej is something which is the root of any upcoming life or force. The same with energy, a beej is the source of energy.
Here we are talking about the energy of sound and the letters which generates this kind of sound are to be called as Beej Mantras. These are generally one letter word with the sound of “M”. For example – क्रीं  should read as “KREEM”.
Every Beej Mantra is related to our body, planets and the energy level around us. Hence these mantras have astrological significance as well. These Beej Mantras decide our mood, if you are in a completely foul mood then right choice of Beej Mantra can change your mood in 5 minutes time.

This is scientifically proven that our body is leveraged with 7 chankras, these chakras are the root of energy in our body and awakening of these chakras shows different kind of powers in an individual (we will discuss the power of each chakra in detail later on). Every chakra is bound with certain Beej Mantras. Use of Beej Mantra in a correct way and in correct time will make the serpent power ( कुंडलिनी शक्ति ) to rise and will make Saadhak complete in everysense. A powerful use of these Beej Mantras gives immense wealth, health and pleasure in life. Our entire brain is mapped with these Beej mantras. Hence to cure any problem or optimize any specific property in an individual can easily be achieved by the use of these Beej Mantras.
Almost every Tantric chant is based on these Beej Mantras. The key parameter with these Beej mantras is the sound. To get real results correct pronunciation is necessary of every Beej. I will be relesing the recorded sound of these Beej Mantras soon for the benefit of Saadhaks.
We will talk more about serpent power, The power and significance of every Beej and its uses in detail in future soon.

31 Responses to “What Is Beej Mantra ?”

  • ASHA says:

    YES Beej Mantra can change your mood in 5 minutes time.

  • kalairasan says:

    hi master, im facing financial problem. i need u guide to settelled all my debts .. advice me in tis area thru spirutual way.. tq u master.

  • pravin tauckoory says:

    hi am Pravin TAUCKOORY.My date of birth is 30.06.1975 at 4pm in Mauritius.I am very unlucky in all senses.i always lose my job and always fall in gambling and drinking alcohol.why is it it because of my being a Cancer?thank for your reply.Namaste

  • deepesh says:

    I am facing health, financial & debt problem since 2008.i was earning 60000 /month but all of a sudden i lost my job, there is acute financial regular source of advise
    my dob is 07-11-1973, time of birth is 3.11 am,place meerut.I am married with one son.

  • Ajit says:

    How many Beej Mantra exists?

  • ruby says:

    hi. sir i am facing a great problem now in my life regarding lover left me..bcz our families were not agree for our marriage..but i love him..and i want to get him only..plz suggest me suitable beej mantra..please

  • ruby says:

    please get out me from this problem and reply me soon..i m searching for solution from last 6 months.

  • Ganesh Ingale says:

    can u suggest beej mantra for intelligence? and
    how to chant it or how to use it

  • Madhu says:

    my star is MAHAM. My date of birth 13.10.1963. female. what kind of beej manthra i have to chant. could u please send me a cd so that i can prounce the mantra sound correctly

  • sumit Kumar says:


    I want to know how many beej mantra one can take. I have already taken two mantras.

    I would be grateful for the reply.


  • Madhu says:

    could u please let me know as to when shall i be receiving my beej mantra suitable for me

  • Anil Kumar Singh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am unemployed since 2 months and 3 good opportunities came to me but could not be grabbed. Could you please suggest me the appropriate beeja mantra? or any other way to have the job.

    • mahaTantra says:

      first and most important approach shall be study hard and prepare properly for upcoming interviews.
      Next, get your kundli checked for the issues.

      Beej mantra will be last solution.

  • anu says:


    I am using this mantras everyday, does this really help in reducing stress and thyroid levels and also can u tell me some mantra on how to increase my intelligence as I feel that I am not sharp as much people think and also I keep forgetting many things.

    • mahaTantra says:

      Anu Ji,

      which mantra are you using please mention that mantra. Next, without listening the pronunciation from you how can I say that you are doing the chant correctly or not.

  • Ananda says:

    Dear Guruji,

    There seems to be some confusions regarding the pronunciation of the Anuswara sound over a particular akshara. My question is which is correct should I pronounce Hring or Hreem..Similarly Hoong or Hoom? I was doing the Durga Mantra Om Doom Duragayei Namah…but then I heard an alternate version Om Doong Durgayei Namah and now I am utterly confused. So which is the authentic version and also is it Namah or Namaha ?

    Please Accept my Sincere Pranams….


  • moorthy says:

    which beej mantra to be used to get my girl friend back? please help me

  • Shubham sachdev says:

    What beej mantra should I use? Dob is June 5, 1985.

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