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What is Karma

What is KarmaKarma or personal deeds known in reference to Indian civilization, because they are mentioned and given a great significance in Indian spiritual books.

What actually is a Karma ?

Why karma is so important and how this effects our life ?

Why there are so many references in Vedic books about Karma ?

Is there any effects on our planets and our future by our Karma ?

Karma are regular work that we perform in our day to day life. Your karma is the food for your body and soul, the better the intake will be finer the results will be. Karma has some magical traits of supplying energy to us and that is why our karma had been given due importance in encient religious books. According to Lord Shiva, Karma can not be divided into good and bad karma, there is just one fine line to decide what to do and what not to, and the line is TRUTH (Satya). Why there is no Good or Bad karma, because good or bad karma is not a trait of the karma but this is the trait of the attitude of the person who is judging your Karma.

Let me explain – If you are consuming alcohol, is this a good karma or bad karma. Non drinkers will say this is a bad karma as consuming alcohol is not good for your body, your soul. But the drinkers will be having excuses in favor of alcohol as this will socialize you, in small quantity this work like medicine etc. Now tell me this is Good karma or Bad Karma as some people says this is good and other says this is bad. So forget about Good and Bad Karma. Just follow the path of TRUTH and this will take you to correct path. And trust me choosing the TRUTH is most difficult one, as this is really tough to determine and define the glory of TRUTH.

सत्यम शिवम् सुन्दरम

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

TRUTH is equal to Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva is most beautiful and powerful in this universe. This phrase signifise clearly that how important TRUTH is. In GEETA as well Lrd Krishna gave the same message to the warrior prince Arjuna that follow the path of TRUTH, as there is nothing beyond TRUTH, TRUTH is the DHARMA (Religion). TRUTH will always win and you should be on the side of TRUTH and eliminate everyone who is against TRUTH as this is the real Karma.

कर्म किये जाओ फल की चिंता मत करो

Karma kiye jao, phal ki chinta mat karo.

Lord Krishna says, Keep doing the Karma (Here Karma means the work in the favor of TRUTH) and don’t think about the results. Because one who do right Karma will never face shame, sorrow, guilt, humiliation in his/her life.

Our vedic books are drafted in such a way that they should guide us for a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. So we can enjoy all the fruits of nature and live happily. Every fact in vedic books tells us good things for health and peace. So our Karma is related to them very well. As a positive Karma will give you glory and you will never face a social or financial downfall if you do True Karma. So as an ultimate result you will never end up in a situation or sorrow, guilt or shame. Which will make your soul very healthy, you will be physically and mentally strong as there is nothing to worry about. True Karma removes all your worries.

Hence there had always been a lot of references for Karma in our vedic books as this only our Karma that drives our life and nothing else. People curse their stars for some misfortune or issues in life, yes the stars are not in favour, but who made the stars work against us. This is our Karma, when we do negative karma, may be we won’t realize, somewhere down there in our heart we feels the guilt and that guilt emits negative energy from our body. This negative energy keeps increasing with time, as the level of our guilt increases. This negative energy is the only reason of the stars to turn worse. As a body emitting negative energy will never be able to impress someone for any financial deal, wont be a good teacher or even he/she won’t be good in any profession. Slowly they will become most unwanted figure in society and they will curse their Stars.

My friends these are not the stars which makes you feel like loosing, there is no enemy of yours, There is no one who is trying to defame you but this is only you and your Karma. So keep the Karma positive and follow the TRUTH and leave rest, everything will start falling in line automatically.

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