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What is Vashikaran

vashikaran important factsVashikaran, an well known term in the field of Indian Tantrik Teachings. This is most important and most elegent way to perform a Tantrik experiment. Vashikaran is the process by which we can make a person to work on our wishes. In english dictionary Vashikaran can be termed as Subjugation. This is really important to know this process to gain success in this life as many a time we need people to follow on our leads.

We may be facing issues in life with love, job or with in family where we may need to control situation by controlling a out of control mind. This technique is given due importance in vedic books because by positive use of this technique we can make this society more pure and sinless. There are multiple ways to cast a powerful Vashikaran on someone.

Casting Vashikaran is a technique which is not a day’s job this needs complete devotion and combination of Yogic posture, practice, and chants. If required we add additional power of rare natural herbs to expediate the process. In nature there are many herds those carry quite surprising level of positive energy. This is really necessari to know that when to pluck that herb, as there are limited days in a year when these herbs are high on positive energy, this is benefitial to pluck them on that day only. So ultimately this process need a deep knowledge of herbs, knowledge of indian astrology for planetry movement, a hands on yogic practices and postures.

There are many types of Vashikaran experiments available, some of them are based on chants and postures only some needs some yantras to be applied, where some needs some herbs to be associated. Multiple type of Vashikaran can be achieved – Vashikaran for Boss, Vashikaran for Husband, Vashikaran for wife, Vashikaran for boyfriend or girlfriend, Vashikaran for lost love, Universal Vashikaran for becoming an effective presentor, Vashikaran for enemy etc…. The list is very long and the way is painful but once the target achieved there is always success.

16 Responses to “What is Vashikaran”

  • vasantha says: name is vasantha.i want myself means uni
    versal vashikaran.i am working in a software company iam not understanding my work,business vashikaran I want to understand and I want to become expert in my work.iam very poor I need this job at any cost .i have inferiority complex and no confidence and I want to improve all those

    • mahaTantra says:

      Hello Vasantha,

      Universal vashikaran is a long procedure but this is most effective to turn your career in a positive way.
      Basic requirement for a very powerful universal vashikaran is to have a good amount of powerful and attractive eyes. Tp get the same only way is to perform Tratak. Tratak is a yogic procedure which help big time in universal vashikaran. I posted some videos and article about Tratak on this blog, please go through them. This can be a good start on this route. See these articles at –
      Feel free to write back for further guidance.

    • Bhaskara Phaneendra says:

      Hello Vasantha,

      Don’t under estimate your self. Vasikaran is not a joke. it takes more time. your life is not sufficient to achieve the universal vasikaran. I am aged 58 years. I am practicing meditation since 15 years. Now I achieve good results. You first need self confidence and concentration on your work. This can get by meditation.
      who are have good soul, sense of humor. and helping nature can attract others.Earning of money is not hard. Don’t go to occult sciences and don’t waste money.

      • Banu says:

        Hi Bhashkara,

        I am from South Africa and am having a very difficult time in my life.
        I read your rely to Vasantha about not going to an occult to which I agree. I also read your remark on meditation. I really need someones help with this as i would like to meditate and open my third eye. Somehow I feel you are a person that will help me. Please can you reply via my email and I will do the same.

        Thank you,

  • Poornima says:

    I have problem in my marriage life,financial problem also,trying for baby,lot more what to do.

  • sonu says:

    i truly love a girl.we
    were in a relation
    for 5years and
    she also loved me
    very much.but her parents dont want inter cast marrege
    what can I do.

  • Mitali says:

    I’ve been going through a very bad phase of life for over two years, an astrologer said there is little hope for things to change in future… I’m at a loss as to what I should do. Counselling n meditation help momentarily, but the problems persist…I really need your advice sir..

  • Rene says:

    I am fairly new at this and so far my little understanding regarding occult is that, it has the same or maybe worst effect on the doer especially if used in a negative way. This is based on some real life incidents that I got to know from other people. I haven’t had any first hand experience as such.

    I would like to know what effect does the occult have on our own karma? i.e. if we use it on someone else for our benefit.

    By using occult do we manipulate someone against their natural will?

    Do we interfere in God’s will?

    • mahaTantra says:

      if you steal money then police will arrest you and punish you, same with tantra if you will do something bad then the energy will punish you.
      Tantra is all about manipulating energy. your karma effect the energy and this is really not easy to manipulate someone’s will. This depends on the personal energy aura of the person.

  • Sara says:

    Sir, I have been facing some really hard times and issues with relationships and work. I need your help. Can you please email me, and I can explain things in more detail, please!

  • Swati says:

    Dear Sir,

    I had a love marriage, proposal having come from my husband’s side. All was fine till first time his parent came to visit us. Since then we had frequent fights and misunderstandings. Also the physical closeness stopped from my husband’s end since then. Upon there second visit, things got worse and now my husband wants to divorce me. I dont see a reason to live without him. I am craving to have kids, but he is only tying to leave me and go away. Please help.

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