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Vashikaran via will power

Hello Friends, My sincere apologies that due to my business in some rituals I was unable to post something new on this blog in last month. So I thought to post something very powerful and doable act in the world of Vashikaran via this post. You can take this as a compensatory post for my unavailability.

As I described in my earlier posts many times that Vashikaran is a process by which we can make a person follow our commands. This is effective and powerful and should be used in positive means only. Today the way of Vashikaran that I am going to describe is quite simple and depends on your will power only. For this process you don’t need anything ( like some rosary or any specific element ), you don’t have to recite any chant. What you need is a simple Yantra which is mentioned below.

What is will power ?
Will power is something inside you which gives you power to achieve anything that you want to achieve. This power is present in every living human body and powered by our chakras. This power can be increased and used to get something that you wish for. This process not only will furnish your wish but will give a good boost to your will power which will help you in every front of your life, because will power is the most important factor that defines the success in someone’s life.

To do this process of Vashikaran you need to prepare a simple Yantra ( which is shown below ) and you need to have a picture of the person who is your target for Vashikaran. Try to get as recent picture as you can and make sure that the face of the person should be clearly visible in that picture. One more thing that need to be done here is the making of yantra. To prepare yantra you need to get a piece of cloth of the person on whom you want to cast this Vashikaran. This is necessary that either the person is regularly wearing the cloth or worn in recent times. One more thing is important here is the cloth should not be washed after he/she wore the cloth, what I mean is that the presence of the smell and/or sweat of the person is a must in that cloth, hence the cloth should not be a washed and/or cleaned cloth after wearing. How you will get the cloth, is seriously your task.

Vashikaran via will power

Now cut a small square piece from the cloth (3″X3″ will be good enough) to prepare the Yantra by writing this Yantra on the piece of cloth. You are free to choose any ink (natural or synthetic) for writing this Yantra. Write this Yantra on any Ekadashi (11th Night) of Waxing period (Shukla Paksh). The Yantra should be clearly visible (if the cloth is dark then write the yantra with light ink). Now choose a time to perform the ritual. The time should be one of the four phases of “Changing Time”.

Phase of “Changing time” is the phase where the change of time takes place. This happens 4 times a day. First when in the morning when sun is rising (this is the time when Sun starts ascending), Second is at the Noon (when Sun starts descending), Third is at evening (when moon starts ascending) and the last one is at midnight (when the moon starts descending). So you need to choose one time from these four times to perform the ritual. Remember the time once chosen can not be changed later. You will not be able to switch your time phase later on, so think carefully choose the most suitable time for yourself.

Actual process starts here. Sit in a room with utmost silence possible, choose a room where no one will disturb you during the ritual. If you are doing the activity in day time then use curtains to create as much darkness as possible in the room. Now place the picture of the person and yantra in front of you. Light 2 lamps of seasame oil, one at each side, in front of the yantra and picture. Look at the picture and yantra in the light of the lamps only. Now start thinking of the person quite intensely and feel his presence around you.

This will take around one month for you to get the feeling that the person is around you, after one month of the practice now think of the command that you want the person to do. Keep giving him/her the command everyday and carry the yantra with you whenever you meet the person with time the person will start following your instructions.

There are couple of things which are really very important in this process -

1. Your yantra should not touch water in any case. This will remove the power of yantra.
2. The time of ritual should be constant for months.
3. This process is completely dependent on your will power, so gather complete power and concentration to do this.

May god bless you…

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