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Essentials of Tantra

Tantra is a process which need a lot of physical and mental awareness. Tantra and Tantrik procedures are not something which can be started and performed from any odd day without a proper previous preparation. This preparation is not something which can be achieved in a day or two, the preparation that I am talking here will take months or some time years to get completed.

This preparation is to tune your body and mind for the occult procedures. The primary requirement for any Tantrik process is an intense will power from an individual. When I say intense it means quite intense, which will never come if you lived an oridanary human life till date. You need to make certain changes in your life style as well as the thought process in your life. Your attitude towards life and society is equally important.

Many books or articles [including this blog of mine] on internet might show you certain processes for Tantrik activities, but those are processes only, to start with those processes there are some pre-requisites which can not be missed. These are the activities which are a mandatory assets to start on any procedure. Many people just follow the process blindly and they do not receive anything after completing the process and then they start criping about Tantra. They losses their trust as well in this encient powerful process as well. But there is nothing wrong with Tantra or this is not correct that Tantra is not efficient, it is only you who are not understanding the pre-requisites.

Almost every Tantrik process involves some chant and counts of chanting involved in that procedure as well. Now every Tantrik procedure has some “Mudra” or “Aasan” as well in which you are supposed to sit while doing this process. Safety from negative energy is required as well and with that we need complete flawless stream of concentration on the chant and procedure only. Have you ever thought why we have all this things involved in a simple Tantrik procedure. Why not only chanting is enoug. Some times it is mandatory to wear specific color and type of clothes and it is mandatory to use a specific seat as well. In many processes they mention use of a specific Rosary. Many factors involved, and we follow them blindly without thinking of the reason for even a second. Tantra is pure science and in science there are reasons for everything, untill and unless you know the basic concepts clearly this is not possible for you to finish any Tantrik Saadhna properly or in a fruitful way.

But first and most important thing which is required in Tantra is will power and intensity. This is an internal human power which need to induced to the top level to achieve desired results. To improce will power and intensity we need to take shelter in the house of “Yoga” and “Pranayama”. Yoga and Pranayama tunes our body and brain, additional use of Tratak [Gazing] gives us concentration powers. Yoga gives us power to sit in a posture for long time without noticing any fatigue or uneasyness. This is really mandatory that you should not feel uneasy during your sitting for chanting process, because if your body is uneasy for a longer sitting then this is quite possible that you will loose your concentration, as even for a short period of time only your concentration will be diverted from tha Tantrik procedure to the uneasy state of your body. The point this happens you will loose all the credit that you received from the Saadhna that you are performing right now. Hence to complete the process flawlessly this is mandatory that your boddy supports sitting in different Aasanas for long time intervals that that too with utmost ease, so your concentraion is always on the procedure only. Ultimate result that a good practice of different Aasanas via Yoga and long practice of Pranayama ans Meditation is required for Tantra. This is the first thing that we need and to achieve a starter stage in Tantra we may need to spend a good two to three years on Yoga and Meditation before jumping on any Tantrik procedure.

Next, intensity. Once you ave achieved concentration via yoga another thing you need is intensity. There are seperate Aasanas, clothes, or rosaries specified for different processes. Time slot is also advised. This is because, for every process of Tantra there is a need of energy and that specific energy can be supplied by our internal Chakras only, so we need to induce the energy generation from the Chakra to get desired results. Let us understand this with a small example -

Let us say your son or daughter don’t listen to you are they are going on absolute wrong track. Here you are in need to use a commandable Vashikaran which can control them and stop them to go onto wrong track. Now here you need to induce your attraction as well commanding power which should route via family values. To get this kind of energy you need “Swadhishtana chankra” or known as “Sacral Chakra”. This chakra is situated slight below the naval as six petal flower and it is Orange in color. The seed letter for this chakra is “VAM”. To induce this chakra we need to generate environment, we will use Orange or Red clothes and seats for this Chakra. A coral rosary for chanting. All this we are doing to provide an environment for our body to understand this chakra.

Now we will be sitting in “Vajrasana” and will be holding “Gyan Mudra” to induce this chakra. Sitting in Vajrasana hits Swadhisthana Chakra with ease and respective Mudra leads us to desired results.

This is clearly visible now that without a good practice of yoga you won’t be able to sit in Vajrasana for longer then 15 minutes but you might need a 4 to 6 hours sitting with complete concentration. Now as I explained in detail that what we need to jump in to Tantra I would request everyone to stop following anything written anywhere blindly, first tune your body and brain for this work and then jump into it. This is science and trust me you can not appear in final exams before passing out all your term exams that too with good grades.

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