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What is Energy

Being a research scholar of energy I work towards the existence of energy in multiple form. The research pointed multiple time towards mere existence of GOD, I am not denying the fact (existence of GOD) but will advocate the fact as well that this is more of energy which can come in front of us in any form – Bhagwaan, Allah, Christ or Sai Baba. These are highly energised people who we treat as GOD or the messenger of GOD.

Why ? Because they showed us the peaks of energy and the effect of the energy in their life and the people around them. We worship them so we can receive the smallest part of energy from them. We get this energy from Nature – whatever medium we follow, ultimately the supplier of energy is nature. So worshipping nature can be a direct contact towards energy.

Energy and Nature


Just think about this – we feel energetic on any odd day and feel very drowsy on any other day. And many a times we don’t have reason for this sudden happiness or sadness, this is the energy. This is because of the rays of planets, the nakshatra and the mathematical numbers around you on that day and time. If you will closely monitor such conditions and keep a track of all the records (which is really very tough for even a known person) you can easily say that when the level of positive energy will be high in your body and if you start any work in that time, thee universe conspires to make you successful in that work. Not only entire human body there are time when part of our body is more active, like some people may feel sexually urged in wee hours of a certain day as at that time nature give them most intense power via sexual hormones and if that time is used wisely then the kid who will take birth as a result of that energy will be a boon to mankind and the family, as the kid will be completely filled with positive energy from birth itself and will be having best from nature and planets.

Not only for humans, this theory is valid for plants as well, if you see old book of ayurveda, for many critical diseases ayurveda suggest that so and so plant need to be used, additionally ayurveda says that plant need to be plucked in specific nakshatras only to make medicine, why so, because the old sages researched thoroughly and came to the conclusion of exact day and time when the plan has maximum positive energy. Even the part of plant has different level of energy, some times the root will be plucked and at time the leaves or bark for that matter. This is all about positive energy that is being exercised here for wellness of mankind. So even if you want real success in your pooja/saadhna then please get (pluck them from plant) flowers and all natural articles in specific nakshatra only, then the chances of success will be almost 100%.

So seeing the fact of energy this is really very tough for us to calculate exact time and place for all the stuff and that make us fail many a time, as might be the articles that we are using are not equipped with the positive energy we need or even they are equipped with negative energy, so even after so much research I still feel that I a far far far behind the research level of the sages who actually were capable of stating exact time and day for using the plant or suggesting a time to humans for any pooja.

Why I wrote this post ?
I received a mail today from someone that he is having some critical family issues and he tried a lot of pooja and never succeeded, now he lost trust in GOD because of of those unsuccessful attempts and now he is trying to learn to live with the issues.
My friend(s), we might loose, as there are natural reason for our failures but don’t think that this will happen always. Lord krishna says (in Geeta) the same that “keep doing your work and don’t worry for results”. He said so because Lord Krishna knew, we human will not understand the laws of nature and might get failures in our endeavours but that should not limit our efforts. It is not necessary that we fail every time, We should calculate the time and day again and again and gauge our energy level on certain days and then we should try our activities on certain days when we are most powerful and leveraged with positive energy, then trust me nothing in this universe can stop us from achieving anything that we desire off (only thing is our desire should not be equipped with negative intentions or desires, as that will increase negative energy level in our aura and make us fail).

This is the law of Nature for energy and if we can calculate then nothing can stop us, whether it is a business deal or a job interview, a legal case or a critical meeting we will mark our success stories everywhere. We should know how to deal with energy.

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