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Astrology and Effects of Saturn

Astrology and Saturn

Saturn is generally good in Nature, it is hard to believe its positive properties. This is generally our deeds which turn Saturn’s malicious properties ON. Read how to keep Saturn happy …
As per indian psychology and the misunderstanding of the properties of Saturn, Satun had always been seen as a malicious planet which always casts bad effect and make life miserable for us. But the truth is exactly opposite of dacade old myth. Saturn ruling planet for the people, who stants on number 8 as per numerology had a lot of positive energy, this planet is known for providing wealthy pleasures.

Generally people does have Saturn in positive aspect in their birth charts, this is the deed of the object that Saturn turns malicious and starts giving negative results. Finally as a result object start running to astrologers to pavify malicious effects of Saturn. Let us discuss where Saturn can be seen as beneficial and what turns saturn bad -

If the object’s date of birth is lying on any 8th, 17th or 26th of any month, or dete of birth is in August of any year, or the sum of complete date of birth is 8 then we can say that the object must be having Saturn in a positive manner Numerologically, see basics of numerology to know more.
Now if we see Saturn in 10th or 12th house of the birth cart of the object and there is no sight of any malicious planet on this we can say that Saturn is pisitive. These type of combinations gives object a lot of wealth and pleasure via saturn.

Why Saturn turns malicious – Saturn is a planet that does not go well with 2 things mainly. First – Alcohol, Second – work related to construction, hardware eyc…
The people that I mentioned in my previous para should not consume alcohol at all, specially on Saturday and if that saturday on any 8th, 17th or on 26th OR the saturday is in August. These people should refrain from any construction work ( making house for themselves ) till the age of 45 years. These people should not be having any non working iron stuff in their house.

Pleople who should be very careful -

If you are having Saturn in 6th house then this is a point to worry and the situation gets worse when some planets like Jupiter, Moon or murcury are too in 6th house with Saturn. These people should immediately plan for malicious saturn as they can see a very rough life.

There are several remedies for a malicious Saturn, but these remedies are very much personality based. I am writing down some solutions but this is not necessary that this will be a match fr you, as there are hundreds of type of combinations of Saturn with oter planets. And every planetry combination has its own problem and solutions. So if you see these immediate solutions not working for you, you are most welcome to consult.

  1. Wearing a iron ring in the middle finger of your right hand will pacify malicious effect of Saturn till some extent. If you are a heart patient then wearing this ring will help you very well.
  2. Wearing a five faced Rudraksh around your neck of a 8 faced rudraksh on your right arm will help you.
  3. Start construction work, or buying of a property should be done with atmost care.
  4. You need a Black Dog as a pet.
  5. If possible do fasting on Saturday.

If people will take care of these small things then they will never face malicious effects of Saturn. If you are still in any trouble contact me, I would love to help you to get out from any kind of troubles.

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